School Rules

Every student is expected to:
  1. Give due respect to the constituted authorities in both school and the hospital in general.
  2. Relate directly and officially with the principal, tutors as well as the clinical staff. On no account must the student or group of student pass correspondence directly to the hospital management.
  3. Have strict official relationship with the tutors and this must be continuously maintained.
  4. View him/ herself as a student of the school and belonging only to the Association of Nigeria Student Nurses and Midwives. No student or group of students is allowed to join any other Student Union like NANS.
  5. Be well disciplined in all aspects. Any form of indiscipline will not be tolerated by the authority.
  6. Attend lectures and go to clinical areas punctually as required. The number of required hours for both lectures and practice has to be completed for the training before a student can be presented for the final qualifying examinations. Rules and regulations in the clinical area must be strictly adhered to.
  7. Have 5 weeks as vacation within the stipulated 18 months of the training and any day/ weeks spent in excess including sick-leave exceeding 14 days will have to be paid back before tha course can be considered completed. Any extra days spent which amount to 14 days or more will earn the student 6 months set back.
  8. Practice religion peacefully in the school without any form of disturbance to others and fanaticism will not be tolerated.
  9. Maintain a clean environment in both the classroom setting and hostels. Any student in the hostel making use of electric cookers with boiling ring will be asked to withdrawn from the hostel. Only kerosene stove is allowed for cooking.
  10. Be properly dressed in the recommended uniform for lectures and clinical practice. Female students should wear modest hairdo and make-up, very tiny ear-rings and no nail polish to the practice areas.
  11. Behave in such a way that gives credence and respect to the nursing profession.
  12. Keep to the time stated for receiving visitors and obtain necessary permit when staying out of the school/ hostel.
  13. Report promptly to the Nursing Officers at the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) clinic having obtained a sick slip from the school clinical area of posting in event of illness.
  14. Avoid going on strike/ joining industrial actions. The programme being run in the school is a professional course and strike action is forbidden. Any grievance should be properly channeled to the constituted authority.
  15. Comport him/herself well especially when in uniform.
  16. Present authentic certificate(s) on admission as any detected tampering will earn such a student withdrawal from school and may be handed oer to the police for necessary criminal charges.
  17. Desist from cultism as this in any form is not allowed in the school. Students who decided to constitute themselves into cult group will be adequately sanctioned.






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